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  It Is A Vast Continent. Where Do You Want To Go?

When people contact me about going on safari I find many are
geographically challenged. We know Africa is somewhere “over there.”
But we have no idea how big it is, how vast the distances are between
point A and B. Sometimes we forget Africa is a continent made up of
many countries with many different things to offer.

To put Africa in perspective here are some fun facts. Africa is the second
largest and second most populous continent (number one is Asia). It
covers 6% of the Earth’s total surface. The continent of Africa is so big
that the entire United States can fit in it 3 times! It is comprised of 55
countries; over 2000 languages are spoken and it boasts a population of
over a billion people.

Safari travelers want it all. They want to see Gorillas in Rwanda, Witness
the Great Migration in Tanzania, Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia
and Zimbabwe and then Go Wine Tasting in South Africa — all during
their annual two-week vacation. I have to temper that exuberance by
explaining that is like saying you want to see the Lincoln Memorial, the

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