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So how do you sort through all that information? How do you know what
to accept as fact and what is just marketing fluff? Sometimes it’s best to
step back from your search-engine safari and sit by the “virtual campfire”
with an experienced traveler (and admittedly obsessive planner) like
yours truly. My wife laughs at my detailed “check-off” lists, but
preparation is what can make your trip feel like it all happened by magic.

This book is intended to help prevent the dreaded disease of “safari
information overload.” Its symptoms can be loss of sleep, tears or
booking the cheapest safari you find and having a miserable time or
worse giving up and not going at all. I have designed this book to provide
answers to common questions and to give you the tools to help make
decisions and in a simple straightforward manner. And by doing so you
can plan an African Safari that fits your interests, budget and schedule
and create an adventure and memories that will last a lifetime.

I have been traveling to Africa since 2000. First as a client just like you
and then as the owner of my own safari company where I design custom
trips based on my years of experience.

I also bring to the table a wealth of adventure travel experience not just
in Africa but around the world. I have climbed mountains (including
Africa’s Mt. Kilimanjaro), rafted rivers, kayaked oceans with orcas and
dolphins, petted whales and lived in villages where I witnessed voodoo
practices usually hidden from Western visitors Yet I always keep coming
back to Africa. It is where my passion lies and my heart is. As the award-
winning journalist Brian Jackman says “Everything in Africa bites, but the
safari bug is worst of all.” And I got it bad.

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